about Jason Dub.

Hey folks,
I am Jason Dub, a 42 year old musician born and raised in Germany.
Now i live in Bamberg/Upper Franconia.(beautiful city)
Musically, I was very influenced by the 80s and 90s.
Especially the synth sounds from that time.
At the same time I discovered that Old Skool Reggae Sound.
Straight and rough guitar strokes flavored with Hammond organ
That's why I started playing guitar in the 90s.
At the time, I was very much loved by the music of Sublime from Long Beach.
Today I'm at a point where I listen to interesting sounds and techniques from different genres.

Now im running a youtube channel.I hope that I can inspire you with this channel and bring your guitar playing forward.I would be very proud and would be happy if if you visit and support me every now and then. Jason Dub